ep·i·gram·ma [n]
1. Any witty, ingenious, or pointed saying tersely expressed.
2. A brief, interesting, memorable, and sometimes surprising or satirical statement.

You’ll Never Know Until You Read This
1. I hate it when my friends or I should say anyone under estimates me and says well I know that you can't

2. I would love to have a boyfriend because I think it would be nice and he’ll be my great motivation

3. I also dont like when people are telling me to change just because people don’t notice me, well I don’t care if they don’t notice me for who I am then they shouldn’t notice me

4. I’m very self conscience I don’t like they way I look or sing or any thing

5. I love chocolates and let we see, I can eat more than 3 bars of chocolates/day

6. My mom & rockxtars are the best people that I’ve ever had and they’re absolutely parts of my life

7. I love doing anything that has to do with outside or that I do with my hands because then I feel like I am in the right place and doing something right for once

8. The biggest embarassing thing you should know about me, I cant swim & I dont know how to swim, because i’ve ever get a bad traumatic with that. I’ve ever sunk in the deep swimming pool when i was 8

9. Basically anything that you say will make me laugh and that’s why my nickname is GIGGLES

10. When I get mad, I talk it over people that I trusted to share, then enough forget them all

11. I love my life even sometimes I whine about it, but it rarely happens. Oh man, why you should regret your life? Just let it flows and you’ll proud to be you

12. The other eyes of me are books, you can call me geek freak dork nerd or whatever. I just do what I want and something good for me, and I don’t really care what you think of me

13. Photography & photoediting are my souls, yea even I’m still a beginner and don’t have a good skill on them

14. I’m deathly afraid of worms and a little afraid of needles

15. I love bikes just everything about them I love riding my bike and I love it when I fix one of my bikes because then after I’ve done I can say that I’ve fixed it

16. Never take my candy and snacks away or I would like to kill you

17. When I see a shooting star, I make a wish but i’m not expect it to come true though

18. I dont like help, of course sometimes I will ask for it but I would still prefer to do it on my own because then when I do it by myself I feel proud of myself

19. I’m a flexible person. Sometimes I act like 10 years old, but at any conditions I can act like 17 years old, as my age. I can be crazy, but sometimes I can be serious too

20. Surely can live a day without TV, doesn’t hurt as much as a day without laptop, music & books

21. Believe it or not, I chew on my straws almost all the time while I’m drinking, yea sounds like a weirdaaah

22. I hate meats, beefs, chickens or something like that, I’d rather eat vegetables because i'm an pescetarian

23. Sadly, I’m lazy and sooo irresponsible and never get commited to whatever I do

24. When I get sad I’ll take some time to think about that by myself and share it to the people that I trust and stand it anymore. Why should I run deeper into sadness, it just wasting my time

25. I dont deserve to be pissed out, cause I can piss you out!

26. I love this world, and the world would be a better place if there’s no alcohol, drugs, wars and cigars. Can we just get more peace in this world?

27. I love to listen to my friends advices when they give them to me. My friends err esp my bestfriends will know the best thing for me, and they’ll never encourage me

28. I don’t like to cry all the time when I’m sad. Just when I cant handle my problems and really don’t know what should I do

29. It’s not hard for me to forgive someone. Honestly it’s really easy to forget someone’s mistake. Everyone should have a second chance, am I right? Because everyone deserve better each days

30. I love someone who can take me as I am, and have a good personality. For me, appearance isn’t too important

Thirty random truthes about me :p

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