ep·i·gram·ma [n]
1. Any witty, ingenious, or pointed saying tersely expressed.
2. A brief, interesting, memorable, and sometimes surprising or satirical statement.

One Word: Pathetic!

Few days ago, I read a pathetic, touching article in a newspaper about orangutan killings, in my hometown, East Borneo. In only one year, there are 750 orangutan which have killed by hunters. Orangutan, as we know, is a species of primates which are smart and have an equivalent IQ with human. And orangutan have listed as a protected species because their amount is endangered.

The hunters said, they kill the orangutan as a protection for their field and crops which are raided by the orangutans. Also, some of the hunters kill them because they want to take their meat. Regarded to the traditional view, orangutan's meat can increase human's stamina.

Whereas, the endangered of orangutan caused by habitat fragmentation and poaching, but right now the biggest threat comes from human.

I, as a student and a person who grew up in that town, feel so sad about the orangutan killings. As we know, 60% population of orangutan located in East Borneo. This tragic orangutan killings can give a big impact into Indonesia. The people all around the world will have a skeptic view to Indonesia because they think that we can't keep endangered creatures.

So, is there something that we can do?

What we can do is giving the people educational program about the importance of saving and keeping the endangered animals. Also, the East Borneo's government should create a conservation forest. Not only the province government, but the state government should create a stricter regulation about endangered creatures, such as flora or fauna.

For us, students, we can join the animal protection organizations, such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF), or Orangutan Foundation which specialized themself into orangutan's protection. We don't have to do any anarchical things, such as demonstration to express our ideas or perspectives about this tragic orangutan killings.

Orangutan, although they're a kind of animals, but they have same rights with us. They have rights to live and maintain their species.

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