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Oh, You're My Stress-Relievers
Several things that boost my mood when I get a bad mood, because I have a fluctuating mood. Easy to be happy but also easy to turn it down.

1. A cup of latte macchiato

I don't know why, it's just like a boredom-killer for me :p

2. It's raining outside, and I'm in my room with a warm blanket around me

Things which I love from the rains are the sound and the scent. Sooo calming :)

3. A pile of novels

If I get bored, I just go to my bookshelf and find out a good thing to read. I'm currently reading Negeri Van Oranje. A great book!

4. Playlist on my iTunes

Just wear my eye-mask and earphone, then go to sleep!

5. The stars, moon, and sky

They're the best stress-reliever!

6. Lying on a field which has a lot of dandelions

I love dandelions, no matter what.

7. Hugged by someone that I care about

LOL. It's stupid but it's really nice to know, there's a person that cares about me.

8. My Russian class

It's difficult, but I have a great passion to learn Russian, til I can forget my bad mood.

9. A pencil on my right hand, a sketchbook on my left hand and candies in my mouth

Thinking, drawing and chewing candies.

10. Someone gives me a free ticket to Europe (You wish, Prilly!!! LOL :P)

I mean, who doesn't? But, it's a really high expectation.

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