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A Story Behind My Amazing Week
I am currently sitting in my dorm room listening to Fade Away by Oasis, and I’m really about to cry my eyes out. I have to go back to Indonesia this night. Honestly, I really don’t want to come back. I had such an amazing time. It was such an amazing weekend. Here’s a little recap:

Friday: Arrived at Changi Airport at 3 pm. After checked in and put the luggage at hostel, we changed our clothes into formal clothes and ran to the nearest MRT station, which was Bugis station. And, the distance wasn't as close as we imagine. It was rain that afternoon, and eight of us got lost.
The distance from Bugis Station to Boon Lay Station was very far, it took time for about one hour. And we still had to ride the bus again to reach NTU. It was already half past six o'clock, and the opening ceremony starting at 5 pm. When we arrived, the opening ceremony was finished. So, we just had dinner and then went home -___-

Saturday: I met the other Indonesian delegates. Nunu, Reza, and Tridan were from Bandung Institute of Technology. Dine and Ari were from Gadjah Mada University. Jane, Ragel, and Kiky were from Parahyangan University. Irfan, Hanif, and Athia were from University of Indonesia. They're terribly smart till I felt a little bit afraid. By the way, it was the second day already, and my brain squeezed. The press corps had to make a lot of articles on each council sessions. Fortunately, our press director was very kind, she didn't give us too much deadline pressure.
After finished the second day, half of Indonesian delegates escaped from the social night. We took a walk to Ion Orchard to release all the pressures that we had.

Sunday: The last day of NTUMUN 2011. WOOHOO! One of my friends, Try Sutrisno Foo, a delegate from Singapore got an award as the best-press. He really deserved it, because he was a good press. He always wanted to find out. He liked to critize. And he had a broad-mind. Congrats, Try!

Monday: Had so much fun at Universal Studio. A high-tech amusement park. My favorite rides were the Shrek 4D, The Mummy Roller Coaster and Steven Spielberg's Light and Camera. Uber-COOL!
8 pm, we watched Song of the Sea, an epic show that combines human and technology theatrically. I really like the dance of the water and the laser. And oh of course the big fireworks!

Tuesday: Eight-hour drive from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. I met Kathy, who came from Ireland. She was my roommate at the hostel. She's funny and a backpacker. Unfortunately, on tomorrow morning she had to go from KL because she was going to Shanghai.

Wednesday: Went to the central market to buy some souvenirs. And I bought lots of chocolates for me and my family. Because all of us love chocolates!

Thursday: Went back to Singapore. And got ready to fly back to Indonesia.

(left to right): Reza, Novi, Rizma, Nadya, Heny, Me, Nunu, Ari

(left to right): Novi, Athia, Kiky, Ragel, Jane, Rizma, Heny, Nadya, Me

All the Unpad's delegates

HI Unpad 2009

Sigh. I'm finally back on daily routine. Lectures, assignments, articles and papers. By the way, thanks a lot for this amazing week, Singapore & Malaysia. I'll meet you really soon :)

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