ep·i·gram·ma [n]
1. Any witty, ingenious, or pointed saying tersely expressed.
2. A brief, interesting, memorable, and sometimes surprising or satirical statement.

2011 Shall Be Awesome!
It's new year, people!! Woohoo! How's everyone doing? How's your new year eve? Is it good? Or bad? Or so-so? Or maybe you're doing nothing?
On 2011, what’s going to happen, I don’t really know. The only thing i do know, is that we should pray for good to happen. So, I wish you all the best in your endeavours in 2011. May all of you have a blessed year filled with happiness, dreams and love!
And oh, this day, I've been brainstorming away and trying to figure out what I want to do this year. I’ve come to the conclusion I want to have a change in as many aspect of life as possible, to be a better me. Don’t know what I mean? Well, I will try to explain!

- Body: Maybe I'll get an intensive exercises and work outs due to my stomach which grows fatter each week. My folded stomach ewwww really gross. So, I'll try to be a pescetarian again.

- Personal: I'll be a better me as a friend, girlfriend (maybe), daughter, student, & a woman. And I'll try to enjoy life and not stress on the little things.

- Education: I'll study hard and reach my goals. It's the time for me to really take in the moment when the opportunity rises and I'll focus on my future.

- Love: I'll love and care to a man who are truly there for me. And I'll think about the present and not the past. I don't wanna stuck to the past anymore.

- Social: I'll grow, push, and learn more things out of my comfort zone.

Yeah, maybe it's gonna be good. And what happened on 2010 stays on 2010. So, I WILL ROCK YOU

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