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100 Facts About Me
I was on Twitter, several days ago. And one of the 'trending topics' has been "100 Facts About Me". While I managed to resist literally sending out 100 tweets with facts about myself, I started thinking this might be a fun topic for a blog post.


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1. I have had a blog since I was on the 6th grade on elementary school.
2. I'm deathly afraid of worms and snakes.
3. I was an alto in my high school choir.
4. I've ever been in hospital, because of typhus and DBD.
5. I'm not a smoker, a drunker and a clubber. I hate alcohol or something related to it.
6. I used to afraid to round-shaped thingy. Such as ball.
7. I'm a pescetarian. The animals can also feel pain, just like human. So i'd rather eat vegetables and fish than beef or chicken.
8. I'm the eldest and I have 1 brother and 1 sister.
9. I prefer Physics and Chemistry to Math. I'm really bad at Math.
10. I have a problem with procrastination. And I'm really good at it. *sigh* I need a deadline and reward in order to get most things done.
11. I love to read. Especially when its cold and raining outside and I'm inside my room.
12. My blood type is O positive. That's why I'm easily get a mood-swings.
13. Softball was my activity of choice in elementary school. I wasn't terribly good, but I love the softball.
14. I used to take ballet lessons. I wish I had continued.
15. I'm not very good at multitasking. I can't talk on the phone and watch TV at the same time. I'll get distracted.
16. Chocolate is my addiction.
17. I collect anything related to owls and deers, such as t-shirt, necklaces, rings, etc.
18. I hate sodas. Dunno why but the taste is just... horrible!
19. My upper and lower teeth don't touch in front so when I bite down, there's a gap.
20. When I hear a song I like, I can listen to it over and over without tiring of it, yeah maybe a hundred times. I will usually sing along if no one else is around.
21. There is always music playing when I'm in the bathroom.
22. I have a scar on my left arm, because of it slit by an iron stick when I tried to climb the fence. It happened when I was on the 5th grade.
23. I have a very big curiosity to the snow. I wanna see, I wanna touch them.
24. I've ever had an accident. When I was driving toward my school and BOOM, it happened.
25. My TOEFL score is 583 and my IQ is 168.
26. I don't believe in love at first sight. You must get to know someone better, then, you can fall in love.
27. I swear too much.
28. I love potato.
29. My favorite colors are black and grey. I love monochrome colors. Besides, I love peach too.
30. I like hugging someone. My mom, father, sister, brother, friends, or my pets. It really comforts me.
31. I had an urge to straighten my teeth. Finally, I wore braces since the first semester,
32. I really want to be a traveler.
33. I want to be a doctor or an astronaut since I was a kid.
34. I've never met anyone from Russia. I think that would be cool.
35. I always gave names to the things that I love. My mobile phone's name is Chloe, Canon's name is Elmo, Fujica's name is Barney, Octopus' name is Zoey, my laptop's name is Barry, my watch's name is Timmy and my cat pillow's name is Frosty.
36. I'm passionate about music and have a pretty diverse taste.
37. I barely turned my laptop on since I moved here. Oh it's really bad!
38. One of my favourite things to do is to visit a park, roll over the greeny grass and lie down to stare at the cloud and the sky.
39. I used to stargaze at my house's backyard, almost all the time.
40. I'm really bad at Bahasa Indonesia, eventhough it's my primary language.
41. I started writing at a very young age. It's what I've always wanted to do.
42. I love to make people feel better and smile. If you have a problem, tell me. I care.
43. I love British accent.
44. I love chewing candies and straws.
45. I draw, paint, decorate, do crafty stuff, write, and design websites.
46. I got my first boyfriend when I was at 9th grade.
47. I have about 60GB errr... or more of music stored on my laptop.
48. First movie I've seen in theaters was Ayat-Ayat Cinta in 2007. LOL :D
49. My first email was nitnotnitnot_crazy182@yahoo.com. I made it when I was on the 5th grade.
50. I used to be a vocalist, but I resigned from the band.
51. Always get stomachache and diarrhea when I get nervous.
52. Sometimes act like a child, out of habit.
53. In high school I weighed 45 kgs and heighted 164 cms, and I was skinny until I was about 19.
54. I'm straight, even I don't have a boyfriend.
55. I've lived in Bontang, for about 18 years.
56. I like to watch people, when I'm on the bus or walking on the street, I observe people. How they walk, how they talk, etc. I try to figure out what they do for a living, where they are going, etc.
57. Apple salad, toast, and hot chocolate milk are my favorite breakfast. I can't eat rice while breakfast, my stomach will get hurt.
58. I always have them in my bag. Notes, pen, purse, glasses, and candies.
59. I have a book of quotes where I write down all the things I've read or heard that speak to me. I haven't updated it for a while. I have lots of little post it papers, printouts and clippings to add to it.
60. I only have 35 people in my cell phone.
61. I love having a cup of mint-tea, or honey lemon tea.
62. Persians and Scottish Folds are my favourite types of cat. They're terribly cute!
63. I love beach but I can't swim because I've ever sunk at the swimming pool when I was on the 3rd grade.
64. I love taking photos of the sky.
65. I don't like being ignored.
66. I have a habit of spending too much money when I go shopping.
67. Sometimes I like to make a fairy tale in my head.
68. I'm totally forgetful and careless.
69. I love linguistics. But, I hate the grammars!
70. I like to be organized. Only, I never really am.
71. I'm a sanguine person. Yeah, but sometimes, I can be a phlegmatic person.
72. I’m sometimes a pessimist. I try to look more optimistic, but my drowsiness drags my mood to the other.
73. I’m scared of getting old.
74. I never ride a train.
75. I’m a ‘thinker’, not a ‘do-er’. I’m trying to change that.
76. I worry waaayyy too much.
77. My favorite movies are Into The Wild, My Sister's Keeper and (500) Days of Summer.
78. Sometimes I look at people in relationships and think that's something I'd like to have someday. Yeah, it's still normal, isn't it?
79. I had nicknames such as skinny, Prelle, P, Longbottom, Piyi, Piwi, Ongkul, Bontang & Dolamemon.
80. I’m a great observer, I see things other people rarely do.
81. I peel my lips when it chapped.
82. Someone prettier tells me I'm pretty. LOL they're lying.
83. I won't dye my hair into pink or blue or yellow!!!
84. I love blogging. It has been so amazing and I've met so many wonderful people through it.
85. I've always been jealous of those with the good ability to create art.
86. Sometimes, I expect too much to a thing.
87. I strongly believe in human and animal rights.
88. I love when someone hugs me. Maybe my mom, dad, sister, brother, or bestfriends.
89. I can't live a day without listening to music.
90. My starsign is Aries. And sometimes I act it as I've got a mood-swings.
91. I am addicted to the internet. But it has made me impatient and perverted.
92. I am obsessed with the Eiffel Tower and my dream is going to Paris.
93. I like to make scrapbooks.
94. I like the smell of gasoline.
95. I shower at night. My hair is long and thick that it takes a long time to air dry or blow dry. So that I don't have to come to campus with wet hair, I just shower at night and let it air dry as much as possible.
96. I laughed so hard once in junior high school that I peed my pants.
97. I can put my foot behind my head.
98. My handwriting looks very awful.
99. I hate most of what falls into the genre of hip-hop.
100. High school has changed my attitude and perspective. And I really want to go back to high school!

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