ep·i·gram·ma [n]
1. Any witty, ingenious, or pointed saying tersely expressed.
2. A brief, interesting, memorable, and sometimes surprising or satirical statement.

I'm A Nighthawk and It's Monday Tomorrow!!!

Do you ever feel like "I wish I could stop the time, so I'd have a longer weekend"? Yeah, I guess you do.

I hate Sunday, but it doesn't mean that I hate weekend. Sunday is a very boring day. In the morning and the afternoon, I want to do nothing, so I do. I think it's the most difficult day of the week. It feels like my body nailed to the bed. Then I realized, Geez Monday is right around the corner. Back to the daily activities, papers, articles, and journals. Sigh.

So, these are songs that accompany me this Sunday night. Here they are.

Paper Route - Are We All Forgotten
Faded Paper Figures - Future Self
The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made for You
Bombay Bicycle Club - Flaws
Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone
Kaki King - Life Being What It Is
Sky Sailing - Alaska
The Kissaway Trail - Eloquence and Elixir


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