ep·i·gram·ma [n]
1. Any witty, ingenious, or pointed saying tersely expressed.
2. A brief, interesting, memorable, and sometimes surprising or satirical statement.

Shop Hop
Yay, finally after harbored intentions from a long time ago, I've made ​​this online store. Hooray! Initially the intention came when one day I opened the closet and it was like whoooaaa... And my closet was not big enough.

I've find clothes that still had labels and tags, and I didn't remember ever bought them. Tch! Oh by the way, in here I'll sell my preloved clothes, but although they're secondhand, the conditions are still like brand new. And also a lot of artsy and cute things, such as canvas bag and paper toys. I'll upload them on the beginning of May.

By the way, Όλα Καλά or Ola Kala is a word derived from Greek which means everything's fine. When I listen to the I'm from Barcelona's song where the vocalist sings "okay.. okay.. okayyy.." on the reff, I immediately think, AHAAA! Ola Kala seems suitable. It's unique and I think it's easy to remember.

Here's the screenshot for the online store.

Just simply click HERE to go to the store :)

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