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My Daily Needs

Here they are, my daily needs & activities:
1. Lucky paper stars. I really like to make some of these when I have a spare time. Before I fold them and make them into stars, I write some wishes inside of them :p

2. Nina Ricci's perfume. It has a fresh fruity scent. I love this one!

3. Glasses. I have a lot of glasses, but I put a glasses that I've got from magazine here. Why? Because it's sooo flowery and colorful.

4. Elmo, my Fujica M1. This is a rare camera and I was sooo lucky to find it.

5. Zoey, my Octopus PN900. The price is only IDR 50.000.

6. Elle daily agenda. Even it's my old agenda but I really love this one. Why? Because the book was made by use of recycled paper. And there are pages of Elle's cover from year to year.

7. Balada Ching-Ching dan Balada Lainnya. This is a great novel from Maggie Tiojakin.

8. Notebook & pen. I use them every time.

9. A bed lamp that can rotate and reflect some colorful lights. This one is just like a bed lamp that used in the Sherina's video clip, Andai Aku Besar Nanti.

10. Magazines, to boost up my mood.

11. Pink hair-dryer. FYI, my mom has had the hair dryer since before I was born. But, my mom gave it to me. It's very durable and cute :p

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