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It's A Bag Thingyyyy!!!

These are the things I always carry in my bag, here they are!

1. Chloe
This is the name of my Blackberry Bold. Chloe aged 2 and a half years, therefore there are some slightly scuffs on either side. Chloe has a lot of clothes, errr what I mean is the silicone case. In this picture, she uses a purple shirt :p

2. Novel
I usually read a novel while there's a spare time for me or when I'm waiting. Novel which I'm currently reading is Negeri Van Oranje.

3. A notebook and a pen
Both these objects must exist in my bag. I usually use them when I find a good object, then I draw it on that notebook.

4. Face paper
As you know, the function of this paper is to remove the oil in the face.

5. Lipbalm

Sometimes, my lips chapped. And I like to peel my chapped lips, till the blood drips from my lips. So, I must anticipate this by using lipbalm.

6. Oxygenated spray
It's really helpful for me, when I have a full day activities. I just spray it to my face and voila! Refreshment! :D

7. Candies
I like to chew something every time. cookies, candies, chocolate, chewing gum, snacks, even a straw!

8. Wallet
This is a Hermes wallet, that mom gave to me as a birthday gift. This wallet is large and contains many things. Very useful!

9. Pocket camera
All things can be a good object. And usually a good object will be accidentally found. So, bring this always!

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